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hydropower pigging

What is pigging?

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Pigging is a process used to clean pipelines of all kinds and for owners of medium and high head hydropower schemes, it can help to ensure that plants are generating as much power as they should. When a pipeline is pigged, it is cleaned by sending a bung, known as “pig”, down the pipe. Read More

hydropower manager

The Role of a Hydropower Project Manager

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The Role of a Hydropower Project Manager.

A hydropower project manager is responsible for overseeing the construction and operational phases of a hydroelectric power plant. The goal is to produce electricity at competitive rates that are sustainable. This blog post will discuss the main duties and responsibilities a hydropower project manager has from day to day. Read More

OFGEM compliance

Understanding OFGEM Compliance

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Guide to Ofgem Compliance

When Renewable Obligations (RO) came into effect in 2002, it replaced the Non-Fossil Fuel obligation (NFFO). Through the Electricity Act of 1989, the secretary of state had the powers to impose an obligation on suppliers to supply some electricity from renewable energy sources. There is also a similar Renewable Obligation for Scotland (ROS) as well as the Northern Ireland Renewable Obligations (NIRO), which was introduced in 2005. Read More