Our Hydropower site has certainly suffered over the years with the high maintenance staff turnover that we tend to experience when people move on to other roles.

Hallidays Hydropower helped us with this by producing a bespoke set of Operations and Maintenance instruction manuals, which new staff members can follow in order to carry out site tasks correctly and safely. 

This has made the whole system run a lot more smoothly and has allowed us an effective way to have all the most important day to day knowledge kept in house and easily accessible when needed. This saves us money by avoiding specialist call outs for a multitude of tasks that we can now manage ourselves.

For the past nine years Hallidays Hydro Maintain has provided additional support to us by conducting a full mechanical maintenance service once every year to ensure that major machinery parts are inspected, serviced and running optimally. 

We would be very happy to recommend Hallidays Hydro Maintain to other site operators.