Hydro Turbine Bearing Maintenance

At Hydropower Maintenance, we are ready to meet the challenges of running hydropower generators in the UK and offer excellent packages for the management of hydro turbine schemes. We provide instruction on the care of hydro bearings while offering maintenance and repair options for overcoming the natural wear and tear of hydro turbine thrust bearings.

How does hydropower work?

hydro turbine maintenanceHydropower is produced in three transitional stages of energy. First, kinetic energy is responsible for the flow of water from a higher to a lower level, such as commonly occurs in a river or dam. The release of the water spins a turbine rotor with mechanical energy. The rotating turbine triggers a generator, which then produces electrical energy. The water continues to flow, making hydropower a renewable source of energy.

Preparing to keep hydro turbine thrust bearings in good condition

They key hydropower energy transfer takes place within the spinning turbine. It stands to reason that this manmade source of energy requires maintenance planning and care.

We can advise you about your options or completely plan your hydro scheme. Part of the planning will include equipment selection that is appropriate for the lay of your land and its water sources.

After establishing the amount of minimum yearly water volume, the height of the water flow, and the turbine manufacturer’s parts specifications, we can calculate the expected intervals for rotor maintenance. This typically includes replacing, aligning or retrofitting hydro turbine bearings.

Why hydro turbine maintenance is so important

Preventative measures save both time and money. Why contend with under-par performance, or wait until the damage becomes irreversible? The turbines in most hydro schemes feature long lifespans of 60 to 100 years if the hydro bearings, whether self-lubricating or not, are monitored efficiently. An emergency stoppage means a huge financial loss, insurance pay-outs and a decline in customer confidence. Although we offer swift emergency service, preventative monitoring can help you maintain the smooth, consistent running of your hydro scheme.

Let Hydropower Maintenance anticipate your needs

hydro turbine maintenanceOne of the benefits of our hydro consulting and maintenance services is the provision of dedicated plans to suit your scheme. Our hydro consultants know how frequently your hydro turbine bearings need monitoring so that they can be serviced before they sustain damage. If your hydro bearings are in need of repair, we provide call-out service or can remove the bearings that require fixing. We guarantee a swift turnover time or replacement. Our many service options include remote monitoring, training your personnel, and producing your own dedicated manual for easy in-house maintenance.

We are ready to guide, monitor and repair and are happy to answer any questions about our hydro turbine maintenance services.

Find out how Hydro Maintain can help with your hydropower maintenance and repair requirements. Call us on 0330 1331 555 or email enquiries@HydroMaintain.com. Alternatively, fill in the enquiry below and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.