Bio Grease Trap

Here at Hydro Maintain, our services include bio grease trap maintenance. As a renewable energy source, hydropower is environmentally-friendly and cost-effective but to maximise its efficiency, regular maintenance of the bio grease trap is essential. Depending on the type and size of the turbine rotors, it can even extend the life of a hydropower system for up to 100 years but what is the cost of hydro turbine maintenance?

hydro grease trapOperation and Maintenance Cost of Hydropower Plant

A maximum power output of 5 kW incurs an estimated operational cost per annum of £2,200. 25 kW can cost £4,000, 50 is around £6,300 and 100 kW might be £11,000. High outputs such as 250 kW and 500 kW could cost £25,000 and £48,000 respectively.

Hydro Mechanical Bio Grease Trap Maintenance

A large proportion of the hydropower maintenance costs is devoted to clearing debris from the intake screen of the turbine rotors. If it’s allowed to accumulate, it can severely reduce the efficiency of the system or even cause the rotors to stop. With low outputs of up to 25 kW, the debris is usually removed manually while larger systems often rely on an automated mechanism to help clear the screens.

Affordable Hydropower Maintenance

Although the stress on a hydropower plant system is relatively stable, there is still continual wear and tear on the machinery. Drive belts may need replacing every three years, while the bearings of the generator usually have to be renewed every ten to fifteen years. Monthly checks, lubrication and cleaning are vital to keep the plant and the hydro mechanical grease trap working efficiently. At Hydro Maintain, we can minimise harmful down time while helping your system gain maximum output. We offer a choice of affordable packages including a free maintenance regime.

Hydro Turbine Maintenance Training

At Hydro Maintain, we have a great deal of expertise in running our own hydropower plants and can help you reduce your expenditure through our cost-effective training programme. After assessing your hydropower plant, we create a unique set of tailored educational modules to train your staff. With your own hydropower project manager organising daily supervision, the regular maintenance of your hydro mechanical bio grease trap and turbine rotors should effectively improve their performance and help to increase your profits. Call our hydropower maintenance team with any enquiries on 0330 1331 555 or email

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